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At Chuck's Trucks we know how important your vehicle is to you and how important regular maintenance is to your vehicle. Our goal is to keep you out of trouble by providing clean, fast and friendly service guaranteed. We use provincial government approved vehicle inspection facilities, who's licensed technicians are dependable, courteous and provide a wide range of mechanical services at reasonable rates, such as:

* Brakes * Shocks * Front Ends * Tune-Ups * Oil Changes *
* Engine Repairs * Exhaust Systems * Cooling Systems *

One of the facilities we use is White's Automotive and Performance Ltd., who are ready to provide you with outstanding service and answer all your questions. Meet the guys that'll put a smile on your face and get you back on the road. Let them know your requirements and they'll give you a custom estimate.

Some of White's regular services include:

Oil Change Special:Includes oil*, lube & filter, with basic mechanical inspection (Up to five litres of oil) $ 49.95*
Charging System Check:Check alternator, regulatory & battery $ 34.95*
Computer Diagnostic:Scan for Engine Light On $ 44.95*
Coolant Flush: Includes flush kit ($19.95 value), Antifreeze extra (Recommended every two years) $ 89.95*
Motor Vac (Carbon Clean): Diagnosis & cleans your entire fuel system ( Recommended new plugs & fuel filter) $ 129.95*
Pre-Purchase Inspection$ 90.00*
Provincial Inspection$ 110.00*
Transmission Service: Oil & filter kit extra $ 72.95*

White's Automotive and Performance Ltd.
3306 Macaulay Road
Black Creek, BC
(250) 465-8568 (Phone or text)

* Not including taxes
10% Discount for Seniors and BCAA Members